Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

As a project, this home is testament to Michele Throssell Interiors’ versatility as a design firm, while it pushed the boundaries of OTT, the focus on comfort never waned. Situated at the prestigious Mount Edgecombe Estate in Kwa-zulu Natal, from the outside the home is a conventional family abode, however once you open the front door it’s like landing at the bottom of the proverbial ‘rabbit-hole’ of eccentric yet remarkably tasteful interiors.

Their method of contrasting textures, colours, patterns and materials in a very considered way yielded the awe-inspiring results; raw wood with luxurious fabrics, botany prints set off by stark geometrics and rich colours from the same tonal family arranged in light and dark shades, are just some examples of the team’s modus operandi.

As always, an element of glamour is evident in the use of metallic accents such as gold fittings and accessories as well as the use of reflective mirror.

The couple’s extensive art collection also features prominently, particularly in the double volume entrance space, which has a gallery-like feel to it.

The richness and elaborate texture of the spaces in this home makes one question where the art ends and the interior design begins, which all adds to the sense of considered eccentricity touched with a certain kind of magic.

The brief from the clients, who are big art collectors, was one of fantasy and the unexpected. From this, Michele and her team approached the design process with an emphasis on each room being it’s own character.