Even Tide
Cape Town

Clifton, Cape Town is home to some of the most exclusive luxury homes, designed and built for complete and utter tranquillity. Since Michele and her team have worked on the renovation, this beachfront apartment has taken on new life. The breathtaking transformation has created a magnificent living space that combines contemporary style with the beauty of a waterfront setting.

At first glance, you get the immediate sense that this apartment has been nourished by the layers of its surroundings and soft aesthetics due to its proximity to the sea. The newly renovated space boasts its own private beach during certain months of the year. The neutral colour palette allows the interior pieces’ form and textures to speak for themselves, in contrast to the modern architectural angles.

Because this is the client’s holiday destination, they wanted the feeling of relaxation throughout, but not forgetting touches of glamour and charm. The apartment that overlooks the ocean is certainly one that invites you to flop into a complete state of relaxation from the moment you walk through the door.

The real uniqueness at Even Tide comes from the gentleness of the ocean that complements modern interiors through the use of interesting angles and organic shapes. In order to bring light and freshness to the parts of the apartment that don’t get much natural light, brighter colours and natural tones were used. Michele and her team decided on this colour palette to offset the stark lines of the modern construction. This is a clever choice to mimic the fundamental shape of the ocean and its tide: organic, natural and inviting.

In a space that wanted to hold many ‘moments’ as it were, the addition of a new bar design was implemented to harmonise with the client’s love for entertaining. That, alongside a luxurious open living room space, is perfectly curated for hosting and flooded with natural light for day and evening do’s.