Zimbali, Ballito

A secluded family holiday home on the seafront of the idyllic eco-estate, Zimbali, is a lesson in luxurious cocooning, close to nature. The brief to Michele and her team had to hit many touch-points, namely to achieve ultimate comfort and a sense of being a sanctuary, to have a sense of purpose and functionality in the spaces and for the furnishings to be well considered. Aesthetically, the deep blue sea and lush vegetation had to be reflected in the interior design.

‘We’d recently been on a trip to Italy to Milan and Venice and were so inspired by the kitchens we saw at Poliform and Valcucina, which was perfect for this home and lended itself to a kitchen that had the sleekness and modernity of a European kitchen, but also needed soul.’

– Michele Throssell

For us, the beauty of this kitchen is that it is not only fantastically functional but also blends beautifully into, and complements, each element in this amazing space: a true example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. We are so excited and flattered that our love for this project has been rewarded this way. This was truly any designer’s dream job!

In terms of methodology the living spaces are where Michele and her team’s approach can really be appreciated, namely it was one of ‘divide and conquer.’ The grand open-plan living node was divided into segments for cooking, living and working, each one cordoned off by a staircase, a floor-to-ceiling wall unit, a fireplace and a wall of cupboards. In this way connection throughout and towards the outdoors remained in tact, which was essential to the homeowners.

The interiors can best be described as ‘contemporary modernist’ in a colour palette of mainly greys and greens. Of particular interest is the use of large-scale mirrors, marble tiles, washed out wood and bold wallpaper to reflect the dramatic natural setting surrounding the home. Overtime the site and the home will start to dissolve into one another thanks to Michele and her team’s clever consideration of the landscaping beyond the walls. The notion of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ gets amped up to a whole new level in this home.