Modern Grandeur
Cape Town

Flowing whiteness and a cocoon-like atmosphere: designed in the historic district Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town. Entrusted to renovate this flat, a single storey, takes up the entire level of an exclusive building, overlooking the old docks of Table Bay: cosmopolite crossway and elite key point of the town.

“The sea, the docks full of boats, the restaurants and the night clubs, the people back and forth, the light… Everything here communicates dynamism and sensuality. We brought these qualities into the Interiors”

The goal was achieved together with European grandeur, contemporary design and reference to nature. Just like the honeycomb on the immaculate ceiling which defines an interesting perspective and the wooden floors throughout the living room. The floors inlaid with oak, beech and ash (every pattern is made of 36 fragments (singly) cut (one at a time), a 3 months working).